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About Safety Razors

There is nothing quite like a clean shave and getting this type of result requires using the best razor possible. Many men suffer from shaving irritation, ingrowing hairs and poor quality shaves from using electric razors or plastic cartridge razors. For these reasons many men are turning to the safety razor as their preferred method of shaving. The sharp single blade gives an extremely close shave without needing multiple blades to go over the same area which can lead to irritation.

A safety razor is defined by a single double-edge blade. These razors were developed in the early 1900s to give people the ability to shave themselves. Before that, many people relied on professionals for their shaving needs since the razors could be difficult to use and maintain. The safety razor, therefore, was created to minimize risks and empower people to shave at home. Today, safety razors use the same basic design of these original razors. The single double edge blade is installed in the head of the razor and attached to the handle. Modern brands include Merkur, Edwin Jagger, Muhle and Parker and all razors use the same type of double-edge razor blade. Another advantage of safety razors is that the replacement blades cost as little as £0.15 each which makes them considerably cheaper in the long run.

It is possible to pick a safety razor in a variety of colors and styles. Since a good double edge safety razor can last for years when properly maintained, it is worth investing in one that performs well and looks good. The design options vary from bold colors to sleek metals. When purchasing a double edge safety razor, be sure to consider additional blades and equipment. We recommend a razor blade sample pack in order to try a few different blades to see what works best for each person. A razor case and blade guard can offer superior protection, minimizing long term damage.

A good safety razor can last for years. Be sure to pick the right one for a lifetime of quality shaving experiences.

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