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About Shaving Soap

High quality shaving soap used with a shaving brush will produce a smooth, rich and moisturising lather that can't be beaten. Our selection includes shaving soaps ranging from classic London soaps made to the same standards as they were over 100 years ago to modern shaving soaps with exciting new fragrance combinations.

When people think about traditional shaving, the first thing they think of is often a traditional shaving soap in a classic wooden bowl. Taking the time in the morning to use a shaving soap will not only make a big difference to the quality of the shave but it will also make the shave a much more enjoyable experience.

Shaving soap is one of our best selling product ranges and it makes an excellent gift (along with a shaving brush) because anyone who wet shaves can enjoy one. Most modern products use vegan friendly ingredients although some brands such as D. R. Harris use more traditional tallow based recipes. Many of the brands we stock are based in London and have been producing shaving soap in the UK for over 100 years.

Shaving soaps come in a wide variety of shapes and fragrances. Most come in round 'pucks' designed to fit inside a wooden bowl. Some also come as 'shaving sticks' which are excellent for travelling. Although the shaving soaps in wooden bowls can seem quite expensive, once you have the bowl you can purchase refills which are considerably cheaper and last upwards of six months of daily use.

Using a shaving soap is very simple. You first soak your shaving brush for a minute or two in hot water and then apply it to the shaving soap. Work the brush in circles for another minute or two in order to transfer enough soap onto the brush to make a lather. You then work the brush in a separate bowl or directly on the face to whip the soap into a thick and luxurious lather. You can find more information in our Ultimate Shaving Guides at the bottom of the page.

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