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About Mühle

Mühle safety razors are synonymous with consummate products made by experts. Their focus is on handcrafted, durable products that are developed in-house. Based in Germany, Mühle have been setting the benchmark for quality safety razors for over 65 years. Mühle describe their safety razors as a minor miracle of precision, ergonomics and beauty, created for ambitious wet shavers.

Muhle offer two main types of safety razor - a closed comb razor (for example the R89) and an open comb razor (for example the R41). The closed comb safety razor has a solid protective guide bar underneath the blade. The open comb safety razor has teeth underneath the blade. The teeth allow a greater exposure to the blade which can help to cut through long stubble quickly and provide a closer finish. Because the open comb razors are more aggressive they are not usually recommended for people to use as their first safety razor but for men with experience they prove extremely popular.

The Muhle R89 safety razor is their best selling razor. It is perfectly balanced and provides a close and comfortable shave which is why it is often recommended for beginners. All Muhle razors have the same chrome finish which, in our opinion, is the best quality chrome plating available. For customers wanting something a bit special, Muhle have an exquisite range of longer handled razors made from beautiful natural materials. These include a a number of exotic woods, horn and porcelain.

Muhle recently introduced a new range of "Black Fibre" and "Silver Tip Fibre" shaving brushes that use synthetic fibres that accurately match the properties of genuine badger hair shaving brushes. They are vegetarian and vegan friendly.

We are often asked if our Muhle stock of safety razors and shaving brushes are the latest versions. All of our stock from Muhle is brand new and we do not carry any of the older styles.

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