Parker 99R Butterfly Safety Razor

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The Parker 99R nickel plated safety razor features a twist to open butterfly mechanism allowing easy blade replacement. This heavy weight razor has a long 4 inch handle that is textured for grip.

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Parker Safety Razor is a family owned business based in India. With over 35 years experience in making high quality shaving products they are best known for their modern safety razors that feature butterfly twist to open heads.
Colour Chrome
Brand Parker
Product Type Safety Razor
Handle Length Long
Blade Change Screw Head

Great value for money razor I love my Edwin Jagger but the Parker definitely shaves that bit closer. It does require a little more care at first but that time is well rewarded a good lather with cushion and glide is essential no skimping here. I note the previous comments about finish quality and yes this is not a thing of beauty but for 'bang for buck' you cannot do better.


Exellent razor. Great looking razor, (no pic on this site but look else where for the pic) nice and heavy with a long barber pole. Twist to open the butterfly doors, all very well made and a great price. Smooth shaving fun to be had. I ordered this and the Feather blades but only the razor arrived so I had to phone and email to get sorted out then wait for the blades to be sent out. Disappointing since I payed for fast delivery. 5 star razor 3 star service. Hopefully next time will go smoothly as my shaves are now. 99r goes great with the feather blades especially for heavy gorilla growth like mine.


I bought this on returning to DE shaving because it reminded me of the one my Father used.
It is nicely heavy, does not clog and gives a good shave.
It is not one to use when rushing.


Really good razor. Nice and weighty. Backed up by fantastic service. Can't find a single fault.


I chose this razor as my first foray into DE shaving, and I wasn't disappointed. It's the perfect weight for me as I've got big old hands. Having used the razor for a couple of weeks now, I'm finding shaving satisfying, unlike using cartridge razors, which made shaving a means to an end. So stop wasting money on over priced cartridge blades and treat yourself, you definitely won't regret it.


I've given this a 5 star rating as its a quality razor for not a lot of money, it looks good, the chrome is bright, I like the longer handle on this model and I love the weight of it, however some may find it too heavy for them. Because of its weight you do not have to put any pressure on the blade, just let the weight of the razor do the work. The butterfly opening works well and makes changing the blade a real breeze. To keep it looking good you need to rinse it well and dry off with a towel, an old tooth brush works well on the inside of the butterfly opening in getting rid of any left over soap, lather. All in all I love this razor, if you like chrome, a longer handle and added weight along with the butterfly opening you will be hard pressed to get one as good as this at such a low price. Go on treat yerself, you won't be disappointed.


Found this razor to be excellent, especially as I am a "Newbie" to this and been using it now for two weeks and still not even nicked myself :). Good close shave after a couple of passes.


It s a heavy razor but well built. The finishing near the head of the razor and the butterfly mechanism are a little shabby i.e. marks and indentations on head but only upon close examination. The shave is excellent but takes two passes to get a good super close shave. It needs to be treated with respect as it is dangerous if careless or in a rush as gap between blade and razor is quite wide. But ultimately it does the job, can be used on 1 week long stubble of more without hair getting trapped between blade and head, unlike the triple and quadruple bladed cartridges on the market by the you know who. IT s a real pleasure to shave with but you need to take your time!


reat razor nice heft to it definatly a barberpole fan but the beefy butterfly opening does make it tricky to shave some areas. but good quality product

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99R Butterfly Safety Razor

99R Butterfly Safety Razor

The Parker 99R nickel plated safety razor features a twist to open butterfly mechanism allowing easy blade replacement. This heavy weight razor has a long 4 inch handle that is textured for grip.

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