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R41 Grande Safety Razor Chrome


R41 Grande Safety Razor Chrome

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Mühle R41 Grande open comb safety razor in chrome. The new tooth comb safety razor from MÜHLE. The safety razor with an open tooth comb has been developed specially for practised wet shavers. Due to the principle of its construction, which features a special blade angle, the new model allows a vigorous, very direct shaving technique. The open tooth comb and a gap behind the foam edge ensure that stubble and foam are transported away during the shave. Shaving with the grain is often sufficient and renders a second shave in the opposite direction unnecessary. The skin should be stretched taut at all times. The GRANDE version features a longer and wider handle than the original version.

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Mühle of Germany have been producing extremely high quality shaving products for over 65 years. Mühle safety razors are synonymous with consummate products made by experts. Their focus is on handcrafted, durable products that are developed in-house. 

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Product Type
Safety Razor
Handle Length
Blade Change
Screw Head

Not for a quick and go shave.

This requires time and care before you start to shave. The screw head needs to be changed with dry hands as its a fidley mechanism that needs to be re-assembled.
You need plenty of time to prepare your face with soap, preferablly a warm shower first. Its a close shave but needs care. I cant say it shaves significantly closer than my other closed combed Parker safety razor.
Shaving is 90% technique and preperation and is even more appropriate with this.


Not for a quick and go shave.

As with all razors it's your technique and prep thats 90% of a shave.
I've only tested this once out straight out the box, the test will be once I use it everyday first thing in the morning after a shower, which is when all shaving should be conducted as this prepares your skin better than any pre-shave lotions or hot flannel etc.
So far it doesnt shave closer than my 96R Parker, it's close shave design won't allow a quick shave like that does. The major minus point is the method to change the blade, you will have to do this with dry hands and with care as inevitably the components and blade will slip out your hands. So if you frequently pick your razor up in the morning after preparing your face only to realise you now need to replace the blade I gather you will get frustrated with fiddling about with wet slippery hands to change the blade, this is where a butterfly head surpasses.
This is a razor to be used when you've got time to take care and thought in the morning.



This razor is fantastic, beautifully made. When you hear it cutting through your beard, you know you are getting one of the closest shaves out there! Disrespect this razor and it will bite you back!


A heavy and lovely looking which appears to be made to a very high quality. Be careful with this one: I have always shaved with a wet razor but this one requires awareness. My dad had one like this with an 'open' blade when I was young. Best to angle it 'softly' so the blade is at a 'shallow' angle, if that makes sense. I use oil with soap on top and the blade and comb rinse easily without clogging, unlike my old Gillette. Needs practice and pay attention always -and get a superb shave!


Beautiful piece of German engineering. A weighty razor coming in at 86grams~. You need only the lightest of touches with this razor. Try any pressure and it will bite; and it will bite hard. It gives an excellent shave. With a good blade you could even get away with a 2-pass shave.


Excellent razor for a very close shave. Beautifully made and great value for money. Supplied by outstanding vendor.


Very pleased with this product - handles beautifully!


The R41 grande looks fantastic, is well engineered, and has the feel of quality to it. In use it's a great razor, very aggressive and efficient. I've tried it with Astra SP and Voskhod blades and had very close BBS shaves going with then across the grain.
I have the 2013 model which is apparently less bloodthirsty than the previous models, but it's still a beast and needs to be treated with respect. Take care and you'll get a great shave.


I'm using this with a Feather, and it's perfect for me. I still like the Merkur 39c I'd been using, but this shaves even closer in the same 3 passes, and is easier to manoeuvre in tricky areas like under the nose or jawline. The manufacturing quality and finish are fantastic at this pricepoint too. No problems with handle slippage, and with a light touch it doesn't feel any more aggressive than the slant. Couldn't be happier. Hassle-free service from Traditional Shaving too.


The Muhle is a lovely object, gives a very close shave and a civilised start to the day. It is more difficult to use than other safety razors and the angle of attack takes some getting used to (it has a tendency to pull at first if you get the angle wrong) however the long handle makes it easy to manipulate.
The only major drawbacks are that it requires a very sharp blade and that it takes a bit of practice to get a really good shave.

Having said that there is never any need to shave against the grain, the comb keeps hair and soap well clear of the blade and it is very well crafted.

Every time I look at it it makes me happy.




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