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R41 Safety Razor Chrome


R41 Safety Razor Chrome

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Mühle R41 tooth comb safety razor in comb. The new tooth comb safety razor from MÜHLE. The safety razor with an open tooth comb has been developed specially for practised wet shavers. Due to the principle of its construction, which features a special blade angle, the new model allows a vigorous, very direct shaving technique. The open tooth comb and a gap behind the foam edge ensure that stubble and foam are transported away during the shave. Shaving with the grain is often sufficient and renders a second shave in the opposite direction unnecessary. The skin should be stretched taut at all times. The new safety razor is predestined for men with a denser, stronger beard growth or for those prefer to sport three-day stubble.

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Mühle of Germany have been producing extremely high quality shaving products for over 65 years. Mühle safety razors are synonymous with consummate products made by experts. Their focus is on handcrafted, durable products that are developed in-house. 

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Safety Razor
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Use with caution

As a head shaver I was recommended to try this out. As I already had it in my den I gave it a whirl. It cut the crap out of my dome. I knew this razor was mighty aggressive and I did take it slow but guys, I don’t recommend it for head shavers. Heed my warning. A lovely razor though, takes pride and place in my den.


Highly recommended for thick ginger facial hair!

I have always struggled with cartridge and other safety razors around the neck and chin area. The shave is always painful and leaves me with cuts even with the grain. This razor paired with a feather blade has given me the best shaving experience I have ever had, close and completely pain free.
Would thoroughly recommend to others who suffer using milder razors.



Updating my earlier review after a fortnight's use. Awesomely close shave, the closest I've ever managed in absolute terms, but with only two passes. I did try the Muhle blade as supplied but thought it pretty inadequate for the job in comparison to my usual Astra. Don't need to shave against the grain and together with only two passes pretty much reduced razor irritation to zero. No nicks, cuts or weepers but didn't try and set any speed records either. I get up at 0530 hrs to commute to London, none of my previous razors have left me still feeling shaved by going home time at 1800 hrs. Since taking up DE shaving 5 years ago the R41 is overwhelming the best razor I've used and can't too highly recommend. Usual brilliant service from TSC.


Absolutely Outstanding

I purchased the Mhule R41 open comb razor to replace my Merkur 15C open comb following head screw breakage. The Mhule R41 is in a different league. I achieved a better quality shave from two passes with the Mhule compared to three passes with the Merkur. The Mhule R41 is a substantial razor (even in the standard size) so let the weight do the work for you. Listen to the blade, no need to press down and don't rush. Three shaves later it's almost a reflex action. It is pretty apparent that this razor could carve up my face if not used properly but OMG what an absolutely amazing shave out of only two passes. Highly recommend. Partnered with Geo F Trumper cream and Astra blade on this occasion.


great razor, gets close with no effort & less passes than my EJDE89. Care has to be taken with a faint touch & the results are awesome.


Old school shaving made possible by old school service. Perfect.


I am now 45 years old and have been wet shaving for 30+ years. Always shaved with the high street brands and was quite happy doing so until one night surfing the Net pop-ups were shown about DE Shaving. For those of you who are thinking about the change over from boys shaving to mens shaving then this is the company to help you through the vast choices available. Starting with the Muhle R89 was a learning curve for technic and blade type. Very good shaves were had and very close at that. I still wanted to go even closer though but without the three pass irritation. I did the usual reviews and purchased the Muhle R41 and started out with a Feather blade, (jumped in with both feet) this did give a very very close shave probably a little to much due to the ignorance on my part. I tried many different blades and some that worked for the R89 did not work for the R41( I'm totally confused now). I found for me the best blades with no irritation were the Muhle blades the Astra SP blades and surprisingly the Derby. I am aware this review is a bit long winded and hope that it has been of some use to those looking to use this incredible razor which must be totally respected because it will cut you and you won't even know until the blood is running down your face. I don't know if I am lucky buy this razor allows me to shave against the grain on the first pass and no irritation or burn/bumps what so ever. Ask the guys at Traditional shaving about anything you are not sure about because believe me when I say they are brilliant and really do know their trade. Can't thank them enough and the sweats are a bonus. Thanks lads.


This razor is fantastic. I have a coarse beard and the R41 paired with a Wilkinson Sword blade can give me a BBS shave in 2 passes, compared to 3 passes with a Merkur 39C. Don’t believe people who say this razor is too harsh or call it ‘The Beast’. I get less irritation and cuts from this razor than an Edwin Jagger DE89, mainly as the DE 89 is too mild for my beard.

I would recommend this razor to anyone who has good technique and uses a slick soap or cream. Beginners could shave with this razor, but any mistakes could have more severe consequences than a milder razor.

I have used the Traditional Shaving Company numerous times and would definitely recommend them. Excellent customer service and prices. My wife always enjoys the fudge!




I was scared of trying this as it is widely referred to as one of the most aggressive razors available. I've only been DE shaving for a few months so thought it might be too much for me but, having used it twice now, it's absolutely brilliant. Yes, you can feel how much blade contact there is but taking it easy and concentrating gave me the best shaves I've yet had and with no irritation at all. I'm still going to take it easy though.....


It finally arrived... What a beautiful piece! Very aggressive but strangely enough less irritating than my milder razor. The sweets were a nice touch, thank you gents.


Great service from a really great company!

The r41 is a beauty and is now my "go to" razor.
Probably a bit too aggressive for a novice but for an experienced shaver, it's the dog's doodah's!


Great service, great products.


Superb service from The Traditional Shaving Company, enjoyed the fudge.
I have really thick hair and bought the R41 as other DEs I have aren't aggressive enough. Wow the R41 is aggressive, I'm competent with a straight edge but using the R41 has been a new learning curve. Plenty of weepers and a few cuts early on but am now taming the beast and getting my closest shaves ever.

Would really recommend to people looking for an aggressive shave, the quality and finish of this Muhle razor is superb.


Bought this razor after using an Edwin Jagger, the EJ had a solid bar and wasn't really aggressive enough for my very coarse stubble. From the start this razor gave a much closer shave. I use feather blades and get a good result with just one pass. You can feel that with the tooth comb there is much more positive blade contact with the skin. It should be noted that it is easier to nick yourself with this razor so more concentration is required!


Excellent quality. It's cutting me a little but that's probably because I'm still learning. Very close! Wonderful!


Firstly, the service from The Traditional Shaving Company was impeccible as always.

After using a Merkur 34C and EJ DE89 Barley for the past 5 years I fancied a change and wanted to try something more aggressive. I had tried the Merkur Slant but for me it gave exactly the same results as the 34C,.

After shaving all week I can say that this is a great razor for me. I have heavy dense beard growth and sensitive skin on my neck which appreciates less passes of the razor. It took a couple of shaves to get the confidence to crack on and shave as quickly as with my other razors. Ive never had a closer shave with two passes with a DE razor. I get a smooth result with no touch ups required.

I cant compare to the 2011 version which is supposed to be a beast but Im happy with my purchase.

Highly recommended for experienced shavers. I could see newcomers scraping their face with this and getting a sore finish. I would recommend they try the 34HD as in my opinion its easier to learn the right angle with that razor.

One minus point is that blades do not last as long in this razor as my others. I get 3 shaves vs 7 shaves from my others and I use astra's and polsilver super iridium.


Received this razor 5 days ago and have used it 4 times. (Polsilver Super Iridium blade) I have been wet shaving 5 months and have gradually used more aggressive razors. The R41 is superlative. I have read how aggressive this is and was apprehensive however it has been no problem. Hold the razor lightly and let it glide over your face with no pressure. Highly recommend. BBS shave every time. Excellent service from Traditional Shaving.


Excellent build, and a very good razor. Though not really one for anyone new to DE shaving. This razor needs to be treated with care. It gives superb shaves, and often only need two passes to get that all-important smooth finish.


Gives an excellent shave and there isn't always the need to make a second pass.You don't get many shaves out of a blade and you have to be careful as its not very forgiving,Its well made does the job brilliantly.


Great razor. As an experienced user of straight razors who has discovered the delights of shaving with a safety razor this is all I could have wished for. I already have the R89 so it is good to have both a closed and open comb razor from Mühle.


A fantastic razor. Reportedly less aggressive than the previous model, but this thing still has bite! Not for beginners, but as long as your technique is sound this will mow down as much growth as you can throw at it. Great build quality, great price.


If anyone is wondering this is the 2013 model (head size - 2013 is around 22mm - 2011 is around 18mm). I know this because I bought my here. It's cheaper (and bizarrely about the same shipping speed) to buy here than in North America.




After years of using cartridge razors it has taken a while to get used to a safety razor. A few early nicks and if I try to hurry, it still happens. I've persevered though and now getting a good shave. If you are thinking of going back to a safety razor, this model is fine, but remember, take your time.


Strongly recomend it for the fans of open comb razor. Especially for those, who shaves once for more than tree days. Great, really great razor with good ballance and finest design... oh and with great chrome finish.
A real pleasure to use them.


Good razor very aggressive as compared to sister R89. Two cuts in the first two shaves and since then, zero cuts :). It gives an incredibly wonderful and awesome BSS shaving. Like all the Muhle products the construction and materials are second to none.
Very good for coarse beards, not so good for a combination of coarse beard and weak skin.

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