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R89 Safety Razor Chrome


R89 Safety Razor Chrome

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Mühle R89 closed comb safety razor in chrome. The traditional safety razor with replaceable blade is regarded by many as the first mechanical razor for self-shaving. At MÜHLE it is more: a minor miracle of precision, ergonomics and beauty, created for ambitious wet shavers. Our design combines high-quality metal-working (chrome-plating) with an extremely fine engraved finish.

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Mühle of Germany have been producing extremely high quality shaving products for over 65 years. Mühle safety razors are synonymous with consummate products made by experts. Their focus is on handcrafted, durable products that are developed in-house. 

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Fantastic razor. Weighty and premium feeling. Great beginners blade that I'll no doubt have for a very long time.


A great razor if new to DE razors

Like many other reviewers, this was my first taste of DE razors having grown up with Gillette and the like. I won't be going back - if nothing else, using one together with a brush and shaving cream is far more pleasurable and less of a chore than using a cartridge razor and gel.

As for the razor, I've been using it for three months now. It gives a mild shave and is easy to use (e.g. find the right shaving angle). I've been using Astra blades which give a close shave but need a couple of passes for a really close shave - I put this down the less aggressive nature of the razor than the blades.

The razor capably deals with a few day's growth without clogging up. And cuts are a rarity.

As for the service from The Traditional Shaving Company - brilliant.



This is my first DE razor, after 20 years of goatees and designer stubble to short beards. I have used Gillette mach 3s and recently Harry's, I even considered a subscription of 8 blades for £15 plus creams. Today i received my razor and 8 sample packs of blades for a total of £41.50 I now have 41 blades to try, at 1 a week (4-5 shaves) I'm already saving money compared to Harry's. The Razor itself is very well designed and comfortable to hold. It is a mild shave. No nicks. My hands maybe too big to hold it, but thats not the razors fault. I love the clean look. Also 3 sweets in the box, thank you. I see no reason why this shouldn't give years of service. It's well made. Thank you.


This is my first DE razor and I could never go back to electrics or cartridge shaving again!
The cost of this razor isn't much more then 13 cartridges and this de shaves much closer!
I'd recommend this for anyone!


M first de razor and thought I'd end up with cuts all over my face.
4 days growth removed in first pass with the included blade.
No redness or a single cut!
Closest share I've ever had and I've used most cartridge razors.
I love this razor


My first DE razor and was generally very happy with it until this morning when whilst changing blades the screw thread sheared off where the head meets the handle. Good shave but wondering what to buy to replace it as expected it too last rather longer than 12mths.


My first DE razor and I'm very impressed. Loved the speedy service too and the fudge sweets were a pleasant surprise. I'll definitely come back and order again.


Comfortable, forgiving razor suitable for beginners and experienced alike. I got a couple of years regular use but in the end the thread stripped - clearly this may be user error but I don't believe it was ever over-tightened. Maybe I'm wrong. For the money it's a great razor which I'd recommend but beware the materials are quite soft.


A very good razor and the service has been excellent. will be calling again.


Delivered in days to Turkey. Razor is perfectly balanced. I got a really smooth and close shave with soap mixed with cream. Just soap decreased smoothness.


The best


Quality razor - perfect.
Delivery of the best (in Ukraine for 7 days)
Thank you so much


Very fast shipping. I received my order in Ukraine for 10 day. Thank you


My first ever DE razor so my review is not really based on much experience. However, the quality of this is so much better than the multi-blade razors I used previously they really shouldn't be called the same name. Shaving has actually become enjoyable! Traditional Saving Co's service was really great. Enjoyed the fudge.


Ordered over the phone - very friendly service and quick delivery. Beautifully made and gives a lovely smooth shave with Wilkinson Sword blades and Ingram shaving cream. Highly recommended. My other half and daughter loved the fudge sweets, by the way!


My first razor and the best!


Very fast shipping. thank you


Bought this to replace a much cheaper Middle Eastern razor that I had, but was giving me a lot of nicks. this is a wonderful instrument, well engineered, lovely to handle, and gives a close and comfortable shave. Highly recommended.


Previously owned a cheaper razor, experienced constant nicks and sore skin after shaving. Bought the R89 and although it doesn't shave much closer ( Think that's more down to the blade) the shaves are smoother, and with far fewer nicks. Highly recommended, a fine piece of engineering.


Bought this in store on the recommendation of the Shop Manager - It's an excellent piece of engineering, and I'm loving it!


Good razor... really good. Perfectly made, perfect chrome finish and beautiful handle


Great razor looks great and the build is great too. This web site is the best no delivery charges, points you convert to money of your next purchase and best of all a couple of fudge sweets in your box ! Nice touch.


I am new to traditional shaving and bought this razor after reading many recommendations. After one week of usage I can say that this is one of my best purchases. Provides smooth and close shaves. Truly recommended.


This is a great piece of kit. The handle is slightly longer than the popular Merkur 34C HD (which I also own) but the head seems to have virtually the same curve to it and the closed comb is much the same on both. I've never had a closer shave, Derby blades working best for me.

However, the steel tube which forms the handle on the R89 is a push fit onto a brass ring on the threaded section that attaches to the head. The first time I changed the blade I held the handle in one hand and twisted the head with the fingers of my other hand to unscrew is, and the whole handle pulled off, leaving the head section in one piece and the brass ring exposed. I pushed it back on and it's been fine ever since because I've been careful about exactly which part I hold when I take it apart, but I'm giving it 4 stars because the Merkur is a better design in this respect.


An excellent and elegant masterpiece of engineering. I have used Merkur and Jagger DE razors over the years but found that the Muhle R89 gives me an equally close shave without any nicks, irritation or rash. It is beautiful to look at and a pleasure to use, the balance and handling is exceptional and I would highly recommend it. Thank you TSC for consistently providing first class shaving products and a first class service.


Been using an Edwin Jagger DE87 for a year now, thought I would try this Muhle as a change, wow so much smoother and I love the grip which I find much better, as the Jagger could get slippery when wet.
Looks great as well.


Great quality, beautifully finished, gives an outstandingly close shave; much better than the various Merkur razors I've used in the the past.
Also truly excellent delivery service from The Traditional Shaving Company.


Great quality and nice shave. So much better than a modern multi-blade. So nice I bought one for my brother.


Good razor... really good. Perfectly made, perfect chrome finish and beautiful handle. The had is simillar (or the same) to EJ 89 series heads, but the handle seems to be lightweight - so the control is a bit better and the head cuts better the beard.
I recomend it strongly to have it against the R41.

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