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Merkur HD 34c Safety Razor Chrome

Merkur HD 34C double edge safety razor in chrome. The famous Merkur classic HD (Heavy Duty) safety razor is know for both it's performance and simplicity. The short handle and weighted head offer perfect balance and are one of the reasons this razor is recommended so highly to beginners and experts alike. Supplied with one Merkur razor blade.

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About Merkur

Merkur of Solingen have been producing high quality safety razors and shaving equipment for over seventy years. Regardless of whether you prefer a thorough clean shave or want to give your beard the right contours, when you purchase Merkur products you acquire a piece of highest shaving culture for a cultivated start to the day. Merkur offers the right model and appropriate accessories for every beard type, thus ensuring the best conditions for an effective wet shave.

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Product TypeSafety Razor
Handle LengthNormal
Blade ChangeScrew Head
Reviews (459)
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Richard S

My new razor arrived today, well within the deliver time given and well packed.
I've got to say I was a little dubious about buying this particular razor having never seen or handled one. However, they were unfounded having just used it I have to say I'm very impressed. It's the closest shave to date with so little effort.
This was my first purchase from the company and with confidence I can say it won't be my last.
Many thanks

Leslie Maull

It is a long time since I spent any money on myself and without any guilt what so ever I kitted myself out with this amazing razor and all things sandal wood.Thankyou the GREAT traditional shaving company for inspiration and your WOW!its Christmas packaging..GUYS LIBERATE YOUR SELF AND WALLET and buy buy buy,, WHY? because we are worth it.

Ian Cooper

My first ever venture into shaving with a safety razor so picked this model as was rated highly. After always using Gilette Mach series razors, the weight took a little getting used to, but I'm amazed on how close it got. Normally, my neck is sore but no issues with this type of razor.

Can't wait to use it again in a few days and try out some different blades! Amazing service from "The Traditional Shaving Co" too.

Chris Parker

Quite simply this it's the best razor I have ever used! Great weight, fantastic grip when wet, very gentle, and very close shave. This could be the last razor I ever buy.... For this week at least!

Faruk Bugra Demirel

A high quality razor. It is really easy to use and a must for daily practical shaves. Recommended.

Jason S

I've been using this razor for around 6 months now , I love it !
Beautifully made ,easy to use ,I wish I'd done it years ago .
Great service and advice from "The Traditional Shaving Co " ,a real pleasure to deal with

Oliver Taylor

Have now been using this for little over a year now and not felt the need to even contemplate another safety razor. Fantastic shave every single time. Find it works very well with the Astra Superior blades.

Bert Hellsten

My razor of choice until late September was my Merkur Futur. Some tough guys on here suggests a setting of 3 or 4. Cor blimey! I concluded that 1 1/2 was as high a setting I could get away with and still get a reasonably comfortable shave. Nevertheless razor burns seemed to follow me whatever I did with balms and moisturizers. My second razor was a Merkur travel razor. The first two weeks of October I spent in Italy and having shaved with that I came back home without the burns. Two days with the Futur and the burns were back. I started to look for an alternative and felt unsure about the 34C until a useful reviewer pointed out that Merkur's fixed head razors are all constructed the same (except slants and adjustables). I took the plunge and found it the same as the travel razor, but with a much more substantial handle. After two weeks with the Heavy Duty I feel blessed. No more razor burns and happiness all around! In comparison the Futur is a really aggressive razor even on low settings. - I am quite surprised that the 34C is often described as a razor for the beginner. Having a good shave isn't a toughness test, is it? It even shaves better than the Futur, so why would I want a more aggressive razor?


This is my first DE , what a fantastic little razor ,beautifully made I really can't fault it !
First shave and 0 cuts .I've used a Mach 3 style razor for many years and thought I'll give it ago , after a conversation with these guys ,and some great advice my mind was made up , now I can't believe I've waited so long
Thanks guys !

Joao Pinheiro

Well, after two months of using a Merkur Futur, which is an awesome safety razor, I wanted something a little more relaxed. I tried an Edwin Jagger for a fortnight and felt that it is also a great safety razor. And much more relaxed, too. But, there was still the need for trying the famous Merkur 34C. Because it is said that it is a little bit more "efficient" than the Edwin Jagger by some traditional wet shavers. And, after a couple of shaves with my new 34C, I can really say that, IMHO, it is a better shaver than the Edwin Jagger. But both are excellent safety razors. I wouldn't say it is more aggressive. It's just that it seems to cut the whiskers a little bit more efficient way. But it lacks those great looks... It doesn't have the great looks but it has that little extra punch... :-D
Regarding the service of "The Traditional Shaving Company", I can't say anything else other than EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT SERVICE! And thank you for the delicious toffee candies. They are probably the best I've ever tasted. Will you sell them, too?

lazaros nikolaou

a good shave but wasn't blown away by it


Top notch.... :)

Nikolay Dipchikov

Really nice loking and comfortable razor! Good weight and very "friendly".
P.S. The razor blade it comes with is not really great but still good for a shave or two:)

Steven Batty

Purchased the 34c to replace a rather disapppinting Parker Butterfly razor, after some advice instore.

After cutting myself on the first shave, my own fault for rushing, the razor has since been a delight to use. Am down to 1 pass with a partial second for the tricker contours. The Merkur blade that is included with razor is of good quality and a match for the 7o'clock blades I normally use.

Just take care on your first use and once you've adapted to the short handle, you'll have one enjoyable shave after another.

Steve Edwards

After spending years of buying a supermarket shelf razor and never really getting a 'great' shave, i felt the time was right to go back to basics. I called The Traditional Shaving Company who gave me some great advice and i decided on the Merkhur HD 34C. When it arrived, i was immediately apprehensive as compared to my other razors, this had a very small handle! But after only one use, i understood! This is a fantastic razor, with a great weight. For me, the razor isnt the best but i have a sample pack to shave through. I also use a facial scrub and the sandalwood shaving cream applied with a badger brush, which makes the whole process of shaving a wonderful experience. I cant recommend this product enough as now I have discovered the correct blade for my face. The razor also looks very cool on its stand!!

Mike Parsons

As many say below this is also my first venture into Double Edge Safety Razor shaving and I cant believe it has taken me this long to make the change from these horrible modern multi blade razors. Having tried every brand and variety of modern disposable razor, all the aerosol based creams and gels under the sun plus many electric razors to boot I have never found one combination that gives me a good shave without causing ingrown hairs or skin irritation, in fact I feel for every new design that the major brands keep telling us the closest shave ever I have found for my complexion they are only getting worse, the more blades they add the more cuts I get, as for the prices of their refills they have gone beyond a joke. After some google research (other web search engines are available) I decided to take the plunge and invest in a starter kit, the Merkur HD 34c ticked all the boxes and Traditional Shaving Company has great reviews, fantastic prices and what I liked most was the ability to customise the starter kit to my preference, perfect for someone new to DE shaving. Made up I've made the change, first shave not one single cut and my hair growth always causes cuts, have already noticed a big difference after only a few shaves, handle is very short which I think helps with the feel of the blade, great design and a pleasure to use. Bought a starter pack of blades so still working my way through to find what best suits me, bargain price as well, already think it's a great investment. Think everyone should ditch the aerosols and disposable razors, better on your wallet, your skin and the environment, should be advertised on TV I would of switched years ago! Great service and fast delivery too, not enough sweets in the box though could I have a whole box of those please they are rather nice!

Steve Batty

Well after the first shave, I can truely say I think I've found the perfect razor. The Merkur blade that comes in the box is equally a match to the 7 o'clocks I currently use. Would highly recommend this razor.

Andrew Garner

Purchased this Razor after reading all the other reviews out there and boy were they right! Lovely weight, Fantastic build quality and feels perfectly balanced in the hand. If you've never used a DE safety Razor before, then I thoroughly recommend one of these and learn to shave the old fashion way.

Steven Grindrod

This is my first traditional razor following many years of using single, twin and triple "modern" razors. As I have finally become fed-up of the silly prices charged for replacement blades I thought a return to basics was overdue. I chose the Merkur 34C after reading serveral reviews and haven't been disappointed. The razor is quite heavy and at first I thought the handle was too short for me but decided to use it for a week or so before passing judgement. I am now satisfied that my choice was a good one. The razor looks and feels well made and I like the way it can be stored by being stood upright on the end of its handle. I received my order within two days of placing it via the webpage, so service is very good too.

Peter Wilson

This is my first safety razor after using 3 and 5 blade shaving for 30 years.Very nervous about using this first time,but my fears disappeared after the the first time i shaved with this.Beautifully made,nice weight but slightly small.Wish had tried this years ago.Thankyou for your excellent service and the sweets were a nice surprise!!.


My first DE razor. After reading all the reviews online I decided on the murkur hd 34c.And I must say I'm not disappointed with this razor. The quality which everyone spoke about was so true the weight spot on.May be a little to small for some people. I have large hands and get on with it fine. Would highly recommend this for anyone thinking of getting a DE razor.

Maese Alan

By now, I just shaved two times with this razor. It's my very first safety razor, and it's been a surprise. I couldn't imagine this kind of razors could give such a soft shaving as it does. Still have to practice, but I have a great feeling with this razor. The weight is perfect for me. It seems solid and durable. The only thing to regret is that I paid for a Europe Express service and it took a whole week until I received it.

Antony Wilby

This is brilliant.

Mark Hawthorne

This is the best double edged razor to start off as a newcomer in the world of traditional shaving! The short handle feels strange at the start but once in use it helps keep the razor superbly balanced and delivers a fantastic shave. T. S. C. service was fantastic, goods well packaged and delivered on time.

Mario Camilleri

Excellent service and a great shaver!

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